The School of Reiki is part of the Order of Reiki.  The Order of Reiki teaches several disciplines of reiki through it's many study groups and also through the online classes site:
The School of Reiki is teaching platform of the Order of Reiki.  All students must complete the Usui Reiki Course to Master/Teacher level before advancing to any other reiki discipline.
Once you have completed the Usui Reiki Course to Master level you will then be able to apply to join the Order of Reiki.  If you have already completed the Usui course and would like to join the Order of Reiki please go here and complete the application form, you will be asked to provide a copy of your certificate as proof.
If you have successfully completed any of the courses provided by Reiki School you may also become a teacher for the school. You will need to provide proof of your Teacher status plus a recommendation from your teacher will be asked for.

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This is the Order of Reiki School group for students of Reiki School to interact and ask questions

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